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What is American Ginseng? 
American Ginseng whose scientific name is Panax quinquefolius grows in North America and is a perennial plant in the ivy family that has been used for thousands of years in folk medicine.  It was originally used by the Native Americans and was discovered by the western word in the mountains and forest of Quebec.  American Ginseng was discovered in 1716  by a Jesuit priest from France named Father Lafitau.  America Ginseng  became a major export to China shortly after its discovery in North America.  To continue reading click here:  What is American Ginseng?

Why Wisconsin Ginseng?
Wisconsin Ginseng is know as the highest quality American Ginseng in the World!  Wisconsin has generations of American ginseng farming experience and the ideal climate and geography to produce what is regarded as the best American ginseng available.  This world famed Wisconsin ginseng has a higher ginsenoside content when compared to other American Ginseng crops grown outside of Wisconsin.  Ginsenosides are natural compounds found exclusively in the panax species or ginseng, which has been traditionally associated with a multitude of health benefits. One of the attributes of ginsenosides, are that they are thought to fight fatigue and stress by supporting the adrenal glands and the use of oxygen by exercising muscles. To continue reading click here: Why Wisconsin Ginseng?

Why NWITCO American Ginseng?
NWITCO, also known as NWI Trading Company, aims to supply the best American ginseng available, which is why we only sell Wisconsin Ginseng.  We work directly with Wisconsin farmers who have generations of experience growing American ginseng.  NWITCO only supplies American Ginseng products that have a minimum of four year old roots.  By offering a mature four year root, our clients can be assured they are getting the best American Ginseng with the highest ginsenosides and the most bitter taste.  We understand that four year old roots with four prongs is what truly mature ginseng should have.  We also believe that the ginseng we supply should live up to its name in Chinese, which means "man root" , due to the four mature prongs of the root that resembles the form of a man, which only develop in the fourth year of growth.  When you purchase from NWI Trading Company, you purchase authentic American grown ginseng, which supports not only the American Ginseng Farmers of Wisconsin, but also helps thwart supporting and the enabling of counterfeit American ginseng which is actually grown in China.  We feel it is very important to support the US Ginseng Market, and we are committed to never purchasing Chinese grown panax quinquefolius.  In addition to counterfeit American Ginseng, there is also a crisis of illegal poaching of both wild and cultivated ginseng in the USA.  When you buy from NWITCO, you are supporting Wisconsin farmers and the U.S. ginseng market, as you are purchasing authentic, legally harvested ginseng root which is from a sustainable source, and does not endanger the panax quinquefolius species in its natural habitat.   To continue reading click here: Why NWITCO American Ginseng?

Traditional and Modern Uses of American Ginseng.
American Ginseng was used by many Native Americans tribes to heal a wide variety of ailments, and was recognized as one of the most valuable medicinal plants.  Some of the traditional uses of American ginseng by the Native Americans were to aid with influenza, the common cold, fevers, and to reduce swelling.  The Native Americans used American Ginseng for a variety of medicinal purposes ranging from digestive problems to sexual problems.  In modern usage, American Ginseng has been used to help relieve adverse effects of stress and fatigue. It is also considered especially helpful to the immune system in cases of fevers or infectious disease accompanied with a fever.  Ginseng is also well noted for being a mild aphrodisiac and has a reputation for improving memory, enhancing learning, boosting productivity, increasing physical performance, augmenting stamina and bolstering the function of the immune system.  To continue reading click here: Traditional and Modern Uses of American Ginseng.

Why Cultivated American Ginseng?

American Ginseng is an indigenous plant to North America, however with wild ginseng also comes over harvesting to the point that American Ginseng has been put on a watch list as an endangered species.  We feel that providing cultivated root supports the American ginseng industry of Wisconsin without being a detriment to the panax quinquefolius species in its natural habitat.  We also feel that there are benefits to cultivated ginseng, in that we are supporting established farmers, and never poachers of potentially illegally harvested ginseng.  To continue reading click here: Why Cultivated American Ginseng?



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